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201 Source is Shards newsletter #48 by Gerry Langford SHARDELOW, Thomas (P349)
202 Source is Shards newsletter #48 by Gerry Langford SHARDELOW, Thomas (P352)
203 Source is Shards newsletter #48 by Gerry Langford SHARDELOW, Martha (P353)
204 Source is Shards newsletter #48 by Gerry Langford AUGUR, Mary (P351)
205 Source is Shards newsletter #48 by Gerry Langford CRAMPTON, Ann (P355)
206 Source is Shards newsletter #48 by Gerry Langford.
Samuel was a Cordwainer (shoe/boot maker). 
SHARDELOW, Samuel (P356)
207 Source is Shards newsletter #48 by Gerry Langford.
Thomas was a Cordwainer (shoe/boot maker). 
SHARDELOW, Thomas (P350)
208 Source is Shards newsletters #15 and #48 by Gerry Langford.

John, was the Vicar of Ilketshall St. Andrew and later nearby Beccles, both in the county of Suffolk.

Leonard was the father of the Thomas Shardelow at Kessingland, he married Kimborowgh Edgar and had 6 children before he died in 1612. There is considerable evidence that it was his youngest son, John, who obtained a scholarship to Sidney College, Cambridge at the age of 13 and matriculated three years later, was ordained Deacon at Norwich and Vicar of Ilketshall St, Andrews, Suffolk in 1632. He was also Rector of Beccles, Suffolk although the date of this appointment is not known.

Unfortunately the registers of Ilketshall St. Andrews for this period have been badly damaged and, in spite of conservation work done on them, large parts are illegible. One entry which can be read refers to " John Shardelowe the son of John Shardelowe and Maria his wife was baptised the 18 May 1638". This is signed John Shardelow, vicar. 
SHARDELOW, John (P354)
209 Source: "Some Materials for a History of the Parish of Thompson ....." written in 1892. It states: "1255 was dead". SHARDELOW, Robert (P406)
210 Source: "Some Materials for a History of the Parish of Thompson ....." written in 1892. It states: he was "probably of Shardlow, co. Derby. His wife's name does not appear."
SHARDELOW, Robert (P406)
211 Source: Dayton Herald 11 Jun 1904 reporting her 12th birthday SHARDELOW, Verna S (P771)
212 Source: Rootsweb Jim Weber SHARDELOWE, John (P385)
213 Source: Rootsweb Jim Weber. Some doubt about this as its described as 'alt' presumably for "alternative" SHARDELOWE, John (P385)
214 Source: Rootsweb Richard Hodgson SHARDELOWE, John (P385)
215 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (P1402)
216 South Africa Medal record shows died 1/4/01.
Boer War. 
SHARDELOW, Edward John (P195)
217 Spelling could be Iaonin IOANIN, Alex (P744)
218 Spelt GWLADYS on gravestone MARQUAND, Gladys May (P1433)
219 Spelt Shadelow on burial record. Also states he was 'son of John Shadelow'. SHARDELOW, Edward (P61)
220 Spelt \"Kinborough\" in \'The Visitations of Norfolk 1589\' EDGAR, Kimborowgh (P358)
221 Spitfire pilot died in a dogfight over the Weald of Kent in WW2. He parachuted but the enemy plane circled and machine gunned him, killing him. RUSHMER, Frederick William (P628)
222 strong poss SHARDELOW, Elizabeth (P1074)
223 Surname hard to read BALDRY, Mary Ann (P1131)
224 Surname possibly Pierson PIERSON, Sarah (P345)
225 Susannah has surname Hall in 1911 Census so I assume she married a Mr Hall but I can't find any record of this. HALL (P818)
226 Susan’s marriage record states father as Richard Shardalow, could have been made up to avoid saying illegitimate. CANDY (P642)
227 Sydney or Henry Charles was a bit of a rogue and may have been imprisoned. Source: Frank Shardalow story. HAWKINS, Sydney Albert (P545)
228 Sydney or Henry Charles was a bit of a rogue and may have been imprisoned. Source: Frank Shardalow story. HAWKINS, Henry Charles (P544)
229 The book 'Delafield - A Family History' suggests that Geoffrey is probably Robert's nephew not son but the book 'Some Materials for a History of Thompson' firmly places him as Robert's son in the Shardelowe Pedigree chart. SHARDELOW, Geoffrey (P407)
230 The marriage certificate is definite and beyond doubt - age, date (1902), location, brother as witness .... everything confirms. Also the 1911 Census confirms this including 'years married'. But the Civil Registration Marriage Index shows their marriage as registered in 1909 - presumably it was just registered 7 years after the event. Family F371
231 The Shardelow pedigree in the \'Visitations of Norfolk 1589\' show Marcey as the wife of Leonard and mother of Thomas et al. I also found this on a Rootsweb tree.

Another source - I think it was an tree (with no sources) has Ann Tybenham/Tykenham (1540-1572) as his wife.
When I get an subscription again, I will check.
STANINGS, Marsey (P360)
232 The Star Press, Muncie reported that the couple arrived from Dayton and married at a ceremony at her sister Mrs Ray Snyder's (Pearl P763) home. 3 days later he received his instructions to report for army service.  Family F457
233 There are other possibilities (eg an Elizabeth Fulcher born in Norwich in 1769) but this seems most likely as born in Corton. Elizabeth was married in Haddiscoe, gave birth to Sarah in Thurlton who married in Hopton. Hopton church is 1.4 miles from Corton church. FULCHER, Elizabeth (P157)
234 This information comes from 1 or more individual Ancestry Family Tree files. This source citation points you to a current version of those files. Note: The owners of these tree files may have removed or changed information since this source citation was created. Source (S-1409355560)
235 Tragic death, road accident.
On 11 January 1949 a coroner's jury met at High River. Ramona was an 18 year old hairdresser of Okotoks and died in High River hospital on Christmas night. The jury found that she died as a result of brain and abdominal injuries suffered at 11:40pm when the truck overturned on the main highway one mile south of Nanton. It was not known who the driver was. John Edison Scott of Nanton was also in the truck, he was intoxicated; he escaped with minor injury to one arm. He lost his drivers licence for 6 months, a year before, in Calgary on a dangerous driving charge. It was his father's truck and he admitted he had been driving it but maintained she was driving at the time of the accident. They were going to his home south of Nanton then intending to drive to her home in Rosetown, Saskatchewean 330 miles away, for Christmas. Her father Hubert Charles Rushmer, of Rosetown, attended the inquest. 
RUSHMER, Ramona Mae (P1361)
236 Transcription(s) suggest first name could be Izachar or Johnathan FARINGTON, Jasaker (P428)
237 Twin HUGHES, John (P651)
238 Twin HUGHES, Louisa Ann (P21)
239 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (P674)
240 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (P675)
241 Twin SHADELOW, Edward (P935)
242 Twin SHADELOW, Ann (P934)
243 Two times Track Cycling Olympic Silver medalist Helsinki 1952
Also competed at 1956 Olympics
Five times South African Sprint Champion
Biography and Obituary 
SHARDELOW, Thomas Frederick (P603)
244 Unknown source SHARDELOW, John (P747)
245 Wedding was a short time before this.
As reported in the Muncie Evening Press.
Walter works at the Muncie Press, Carmen is a member of the composing room at the Muncie Star. 
Family F500
246 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (P1210)
247 Why Potter not Peck?
Her mother remarries when she is 7. 
POTTER, Ellen (P889)
248 William is linked to his father Nigel and to his daughter Idonea by a Feet of Fines entry:

September 29 — October 27. Westminster. Within one month of S. Michael, 15 Henry III.
Between Idonea daughter of William son of Nigel de Shardelawe, by William le Cruir, her attorney and William de Neutone, by Henry de Saint Piers his attorney, Plaintiffs, and Robert Fitz Ede of Sherdelawe, Tenant.
Grant by Plaintiff Idonea to Tenant, in fee, of 4 oxgangs of
land in Sherdel[awe] (Shardlow), at the yearly rent of 5s. for all service ; and performing the foreign service pertaining to the same. 
SHARDELAWE, William (P410)
249 William Plyford on marriage transcription PLAYFORD, William (P1264)
250 William Shaidlow or Chaidlow was born in Charlottetown. William's will is Signed William C. Chandler. William was a stewart on the steamship, the St. Lawrence.

Newspaper Articles:

In this city on Jan 24th 1911, William S. Chandler in the 70th year of his age. Funeral from his late residence 115 Weymouth St. on Thursday to St. Pauls Church thense to Peoples Cem.

A large circle of friends will hear with deep regret of the death of William Chandler, an old and highly respected citizen of this city which occured very suddenly fore noon having been smitten with an attack of paralysis about half hour previous. Deceased was for many years stewart on S.S. St. Lawrence. Besides his widow he leaves to mourn two sons George of the PEI. R. and Fred, Traveler for Auld Bros. and two daughters Mrs. F. Hl Seller and Mrs. J.R. Copp of St. John, N.B. 
CHANDLER, William Shaidlow (P644)

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