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Issue #43

It is one of the conditions when registering the Study with the Guild of OneName Studies that all enquiries should be answered in a reasonable time, It does not specify what help should be given or in what form, I am more than happy to answer specific questions, if I can, but how far should this extend and how best to do it? There are many different family history programs on the market none of which are designed for a one name study so when, following a computer crash, I was confronted with having to start again I spent some time trying different programs before deciding which one to use. Unfortunately the one I chose does not seem to be one used by many of the enquires I get so a direct transfer is not possible and, while a transfer into a program such as “Gedcom” gets round this it is not the easiest to follow particularly when grandfather, father and son all have the same first name. Most of the enquiries I get are from people tracing their own family and are interested in going back as far as possible rather than recording all their cousins and uncles and great uncles so I send them the direct male line as far as it is known to me. I cannot undertake to do more research than is needed to connect the enquirer with what I may have in my records. I hope this would be two-way traffic and most enquirers are very good at sharing their research if it happens to be a new branch of our study. Sadly this is not always the case, sometimes any information I am able to give goes unacknowledged so I do not know if I should add a new name to my data base or file it in that ‘hard disc’ we call our Memory

Visitor from “Down Under”
John R Shadlow from Australia
John R. Shadlow was in London recently and wished to see something of the area where his ancestors lived, I had the pleasure of taking him to Aston-on-Trent, Shardlow and Kingston-on-Soar.

I must say I found it rather embarrassing how much these places have changed in the last ten years. Very few old houses remain or they have been changed beyond recognition and where it was once possible to point out houses where members of the family lived I was no longer able to do this. Kingston is in what was the “green belt“ round Nottingham, an area once designated to be preserved as rural but now scheduled to be the site of a “New Town”.

John comes from the family in Australia by the name of SHADLOW, originally spelled Shardlow. (See SHARDS #32).

In the last newsletter I referred to the unusual name of Drake Shardalow and conjectured that it was in honour of his grandmother whose maiden name was Drake. About the same time I came across the marriage of a John Drake to a Lydia Shardelow in 1787. Obviously too early to be on the GRO Index of Marriages so I obtained the Parish Registers on film for the village concerned only to find they finished in the early 1700s and the new registers had not been added.
About the same time a request for information on a Lydia Shardlow appeared in “Family Tree Magazine.” Lydia is not a name much used by the Shardlow family so off went an Email with what I knew of Lydia since when I have not had a reply.

DNA Testing
Some members of the group will remember that six years ago I tried to arrange a test with the object of establishing firstly, if the two groups of people who spelled their name differently, SHARDLOW and SHARDELOW did in fact have a common ancestor and , secondly, if the other variations could be fitted into either or both of these. Unfortunately the response was very poor and only two samples were taken and analyzed, insufficient to give a worthwhile result. Since then not only has the information which can be obtained from such a test been expanded but the number of people who read this Newsletter has greatly increased.


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