Gerry LangfordDecember 2018
Having lost Gerry in summer 2017, John and Cliff decided maybe we should update the website and consolidate Gerry’s fabulous work. Gerry was our amateur but very professional genealogist, he was related to the Sharde/alows - we will get him added to the tree as we widen the net. Indeed we must dedicate our work to Gerry. His 48 SHARD's newsletters are themselves part of the family history.

Gerry was running a ‘one name study’ and we extracted as much data as we could from the few records we had from him (he used a software product called TMG but being born in the 1920s his genealogy skills were stronger than his software skills).

Shardelows / Shardalows / Shardlows (and other spellings)
To be clear the ShardElows and the Shardalows are from one and the same family. Shardalow seems to be a spelling that emerged in the 18th century (eg John Shardelow born c. 1692 had a son Edward born c1727 whose 1807 gravestone is Shardalow). Strangely many of that John’s descendants used the Shardalow spelling but when they emigrated to South Africa and to USA and on to Canada, changed the spelling back to Shardelow.

Also, with just 6 ShardAlows alive in the world, (assuming none are hiding!) that spelling will probably discontinue, leaving the ShardElows, of which there are many more, to continue the clan.

How the Shardlows are related is less clear. The name emanates from the town of Shardlow located between Derby and Nottingham. There are two strands of evidence that link them. Firstly, Idonea Schardelawe, 13th century ancestor of the Shardelows (and Shardalows) bought some land just south of Shardlow (recorded in the ‘Feet of Fines’ legal document).

Secondly, Gerry got two volunteers to get DNA testing, one Shardlow and one Shardalow and it indicated we are related with a common ancestor about 1000 years ago.

Also the name has been mispelt many times in many different ways.

The New Website [This one]
John and Cliff discussed how to take things forward. John’s previous version of the website was the vehicle for newsletters and other material but we wanted to get the family trees online as well. We looked at a few options including but everyone would need to subscribe. We had been very impressed with the website of Alan Craxford who is related to the Paddington Shardalow's and so we chose TNG. It is still very much a work in progress, so please bear with us as we get familiar with the software and its capabilities.

Since August we have: