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25 'The Visitacion of Norfolk 1563' includes a pedigree which shows Simon as the son of John
However ....
This states that John, shown here as Simon\'s father died without issue.
This puts the line before Simon in doubt. 
SHARDELOWE, Simon (P378)
26 18 weeks old.
Duplicate but this one buried at 18 weeks other one baptised aged 6 and goes on to marry. Probably this one belongs to a different family. Need to sort. 
SHARDELOW, Hannah (P253)
27 Aged 39 ATCHESON, Ann (P525)
28 Ann Shardelow was a witness Family F186
29 Baptised Shardelow not Shardalow SHARDELOW, Hannah (P100)
30 Betsy short for Elizabeth but baptised Betsy 4 days old SHARDELOW, Betsy (P222)
31 Birthplace Godbolt or surname Godbolt?
GODBOLT, Unkown (P379)
32 Can’t be her as its before she was born WIGG, Martha (P147)
33 Cause of death, Coma Syncope - source is Morgan/Shardelow family tree on SHARDELOW, John Hyatt (P533)
34 Clara Shardelow is portrayed as Sarah Chindaffy in a local novel called Celibate Sarah (1904) by James Blyth. Clara worked for the Blyth/Clabburn family as a maid and in the novel she is depicted as a dark character who attempts to murder her employer.

In the 1881, 1891, 1901 and 1911 Censuses she lives with Lucy Clabburn as her 'companion' in Thorpe next to Norwich (not next Haddiscoe), Lowestoft, Beccles and Beccles respectively.

James Blyth lived in Fritton 7 miles from Norton Subcourse (towards Great Yarmouth). Blyth was his mother's maiden name. He wrote several books. I have a copy of Celibate Sarah (Cliff Shardalow).
SHARDELOW, Clara E (P242)
35 Descendents of this family, including Sheltons, can be found here:¬es=on&t=T&v=6&image=on&marriage=on&full=on Family F139
36 Died in World War 2.
Buried at Bretteville-sur-Laize south of Caen.
His death registration listed him as the operator and proprietor of an auto camp and gas station. From 1943-45, the civic directory listed R.E. Weaver as manager of Shardelow’s Auto Camp at 805 Nelson Ave.

Mt Shardelow between Nelson and Nakusp, British Columbia, Canada named after him to commemorate his death in WW2.

SHARDELOW, Edward G (P176)
37 Grave No. 1. B. 292. BRIARS, Deborah Louisa (P23)
38 I had though this was Elizabeth daughter of Edward and Hannah Shardelow but she was born in 1771 and would not have been marrying at 11 or 12 SHADELOW, Elizabeth (P512)
39 I thought born 1770 not sure source/why (Cliff).
Possibly confusion (but by Gerry?) with Samuel son of Samuel and Mary neé Johnson. 
SHARDELOW, Samuel (P96)
40 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (P343)
41 Little Barton was called Barton Parva.
Parva is Latin for small.
Today it is called Barton Mills and is about 1 mile south of Mildenhall in Cambridgeshire.
The church has the Shardelow Arms in stained glass in 3 windows.
Shardelowes Manor was behind and to the right of the church (looking from the road). Nothing remains, it is under where the Church Meadows modern housing close is (a circular road). 
SHARDELOW, Sir Johannes de (P397)
42 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F102
43 Methodist preacher, plaque in Norton Subcourse chapel SHARDALOW, Samuel (P220)
44 Not connected SHADELOW, Elizabeth (P512)
45 or 1335 SHARDELOW, Joanna (P388)
46 Or Caxton, Cambridgeshire SHARDELOW, Joanna (P388)
47 Or Colvell COLVILLE, Frances (P457)
48 Poss married Alfred Tucker b. 1859 SHARDELOW, Martha (P240)
49 Poss married Alfred Tucker b. 1859 SHARDELOW, Martha (P240)
50 Probably a duplicate SHARDELOW, Hannah (P225)

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