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The following are 48 newsletters that were created by Gerry Langford.

Gerry Langford was related to a ShardElow. He lived in the U.K. and originally created the first of these pages in the late ninties in the form of emails to a few of his friends.

I had the pleasure of meeting Gerry for the first time in 2009. We had a mini-ShardAlow reunion in the village of Shardlow, U.K. and visited Gerry on the way to Shardlow. In his garage he had a family tree consisting of A4 sheets stuck together and it was a good eight feet wide!

As mentioned, these newsletters started out in the late nineties as group emails. Then later, when I was introduced to Gerry, we decided to post these emails on the first version of this website as a newsletter called "The Shards." A follow-up email then advised the growing number of recipients that it was on the website.

I have kept most of the Gerry's original text intact, though some of it now quite dated. Some of the links that Gerry referred to have since been changed or the website is non-existant anymore. Where I have managed to find the new link I have replaced it. On some of them though, I left the reference to them in the email but have marked that the site is not available anymore. It starts to get more detailed from about SHARDS #7 onward.


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