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Introduction from Gerry Langford

I was introduced to this book as a result of my interest in the surname SHARDELOWE and this name is the reason for the author's travels which her book records.

I never met Miss Milgate but such is the power of her writing that, having read her book several times, I feel as if I knew her well. She seems to have cast herself in the role of an unworldly little old lady but occasionally one gets a glimpse of a more sophisticated character gently making fun of herself and the reader.

Her book was never published but when she died she left instructions for copies to be sent to people she met in the course of her research. This was done in the form of a typescript copy, I have corrected some errors in the spelling of place names and the surname Shardelowe.which I feel sure occurred at the typing stage. The name Shardelowe is found with many variations of spelling, more often without the final 'E' but I have retained it because I think this is how Miss Milgate would have written it.

Apart from these corrections this transcription is unaltered from the original typed copy, the punctuation is a little unorthodox but I have not altered this.

Sadly the author did not achieve her aim of finding a connection with the Cornwallis family but this was not due to any failure on her part, two other researchers with access to more modern resources have been no more successful but it seems that the information which gave rise to this belief was not entirely accurate.

The grounds for thinking this and details of the further research which has been carried out are set out in an appendix at the end of this book.

I would like to thank Miss Milgate's cousin, Stella Anderson, for making this book available to me and for allowing me to publish it.

Gerry Langford October 1998


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