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51 Baptised Bungay Wesleyan, 16 Jul 1837, father Samuel a Norton Suncourse shoemaker. Name spelt Shardalow. SHARDELOW, Charlotte Blunderfield (P243)
52 Baptised Fulsher FULCHER, Elizabeth (P157)
53 Baptised Shardelow not Shardalow SHARDELOW, Hannah (P100)
54 Betsy short for Elizabeth but baptised Betsy 4 days old SHARDELOW, Betsy (P222)
55 Birth certificate spells it "Shardlow". SHARDALOW, Alice Jessie (P654)
56 Brewer Street is now Paget Street. No. 8 is apparently not there but likely some renumbering has taken place and even one or more houses merged/split.  SHARDALOW, William Henry (P27)
57 Bride's name spelt Mary Ann Baldry, I previously had it as "Balding", "both of this parish" Family (F367)
58 Can’t be her as its before she was born WIGG, Martha (P147)
59 Cause of death, Coma Syncope - source is Morgan/Shardelow family tree on SHARDELOW, John Hyatt (P533)
60 Charles Constance probably fathered Keziah Shardalow with Susan Shardalow in 1848.
Source is the Robert Gordon Moore Family Tree on which states DNA evidence but could have been Charles or a brother. 
CONSTANCE, Charles (P250)
61 Charles Constance probably fathered Keziah Shardalow with Susan Shardalow in 1848.
Source is the Robert Gordon Moore Family Tree on which states DNA evidence but could have been Charles or a brother. 
SHARDALOW, Susan (P68)
62 Charles Constance probably fathered Keziah Shardalow with Susan Shardalow in 1848.
Source is the Robert Gordon Moore Family Tree on which states DNA evidence but could have been Charles or a brother. 
SHARDALOW, Keziah (P184)
63 Church damaged in WW2 and demolished in 1974, new church built in its place opened in 1978. Some remnants of old church retained (brass eagle lecturn), Family (F3)
64 Church demolished and replaced with a very modern one in 1970s Family (F365)
65 Church in The Strand between Aldwych and Somerset House. It was built in the 1720s.  Family (F533)
66 Church was bombed in 1940 and demolished in 1953 Family (F228)
67 Cincinnati Enquirer reporting her death states that she had a daughter Mrs John DeReamer - not sure if this is Patricia remarrying or another daughter DELSCAMP, Jeannette (P775)
68 Clara Shardelow is portrayed as Sarah Chindaffy in a local novel called Celibate Sarah (1904) by James Blyth. Clara worked for the Blyth/Clabburn family as a maid and in the novel she is depicted as a dark character who attempts to murder her employer.

In the 1881, 1891, 1901 and 1911 Censuses she lives with Lucy Clabburn as her 'companion' in Thorpe next to Norwich (not next Haddiscoe), Lowestoft, Beccles and Beccles respectively.

James Blyth lived in Fritton 7 miles from Norton Subcourse (towards Great Yarmouth). Blyth was his mother's maiden name. He wrote several books. I have a copy of Celibate Sarah (Cliff Shardalow).
SHARDELOW, Clara Eliza (P242)
69 Considerable doubt that the Elizabeth Shardalow who married William Rushmer was the daughter of Francis and Sarah nee Sewell. Several Ancestry Public Member Trees cite her as the daughter of Edward Shardalow and Martha Wigg. My head is fuddled on this one so it is one for the future. Family (F45)
70 Date approx Family (F138)
71 Dead by the time of his son John's 2nd marriage in 1848 but our entry suggests he dies in 1856 in Beccles? SHARDALOW, Benjamin (P890)
72 Death at sea on the barque, the Duke Of Lancaster SHARDALOW, Henry Ezra (P20)
73 Death Certificate: Gives 25 Brunswick Place address in same box as date of death. States age as 26 but he was 39 which is odd*. Rank or profession is: Carpenter Journey man. Cause of Death: Typhus Fever 21 days, Certified. Informant is T. Lake, present at death, 206 High Street, Shoreditch. Death registered on day of death.

* Unless the death certificate is for P223 who we have no knowledge of outside Norfolk. 
SHARDALOW, William Francis (P497)
74 Descendents of this family, including Sheltons, can be found here:¬es=on&t=T&v=6&image=on&marriage=on&full=on Family (F139)
75 Described as Mrs Robert Browne in newspaper marriage notice at time of marriage. Was Robert her father or her first husband? BROWNE, Mary (P179)
76 Died an infant SHARDELOW (P1408)
77 Died at Good Samaritan Hospital after a lengthy illness. Source: The Journal Herald, Dayton, 13 May 1954. SHARDELOW, Mildred (P765)
78 Died in a pandemic  SHARDELOW (P1376)
79 Died in a pandemic  (P1377)
80 Died in captivity a few weeks before the end of WW1 SHARDALOW, Albert George Jr (P19)
81 Died in childhood HUGHES, John (P651)
82 Died in infancy SHARDELOW (P1408)
83 Died in the blitz during WW2 SHARDALOW, Henry Walter (P18)
84 Died in the blitz, WW2 GINN, Emma (P37)
85 Died in the blitz, WW2 SHARDALOW, Marie (P36)
86 Died in World War 2.
Buried at Bretteville-sur-Laize south of Caen.
His death registration listed him as the operator and proprietor of an auto camp and gas station. From 1943-45, the civic directory listed R.E. Weaver as manager of Shardelow’s Auto Camp at 805 Nelson Ave.

Mt Shardelow between Nelson and Nakusp, British Columbia, Canada named after him to commemorate his death in WW2.

SHARDELOW, Edward George (P176)
87 Died of acute bronchitis HUGHES, Louisa Ann (P21)
88 Died of heart trouble unexpectedly at home
Dayton Herald reports, spells his name Louis 
SHARDELOW, Lewis (P758)
89 dies 25 March 1796 in Norton Subcourse
I think the preacher Samuel must have been born on 1803?
Needs research. 
SHARDALOW, Samuel (P220)
90 Divorcee at death. Died of coronary occlusion after 15 years of general arteriosclerosis SHARDELOW, Pearl M (P763)
91 Dunreith is 32 miles south of Muncie.
Died of a heart attack. 
KAUTT, Rose (P762)
92 Duplicate of P447 son of Thomas and Kimborowgh? SHARDELOW, Thomas (P463)
93 Duplicate of P463 son of Thomas and Anne SHARDELOW, Thomas (P447)
94 Edward and Mary Shardalow are witnesses to the marriage. Probably James's father and sister. Family (F315)
95 Edward's name spelt "Shaddaylow" on marriage record Family (F23)
96 Emigrated to Majorca with Geoff before marrying as they could then take more money out with them as single people, then married there.
Broke her leg, recovery was a struggle. Source: Frank Shardalow story. 
Eleanor (P1592)
97 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (P1399)
98 Evelyn's middle name (Fulton) was her cousin's (her mum's sister's daughter's) husband's surname.
Ralph's middle name (Shardlowe) was his aunts' (his mum's sister's) second husband's surname. 
BONDS, Evelyn Fulton (P1471)
99 Evidence that he is the father is a) the children's middle name and b) he is living with their mother (and their grandchild) in the 1901 Census albeit he is down as a 'lodger'. Family (F277)
100 Father recorded as Edmund, this is the most, indeed only, likely parentage
SHARDLOW, Anne (P1073)

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