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Issue #1

This is the first of an occasional newsletter to persons who have contributed to the on-name study of the name Shardalow and its many variations of spelling.

The title “Shards” was thought to be appropriate because Chambers 20 Century Dictionary definition (amont others) of the word is a ‘scrap, a small piece’ and this is what the study consists of.

When the study was registered with the Guild of One-Name Studies it was felt that it would be of more widespread use if the variant SHARDALOW was included although i am of the opinion that it is of separate origin, the other variants registered are SHARDELOW, SHARDALOWE, SHARDELOWE, and CHADDELOW. There are of course many other variations which occur for various reasons but these are often ‘one offs’ and are being recorded, as write, with the family to which they appear to belong.

Gordon Keys in Canada has very kindly given me the extensive collection of data he has recorded from many different sources in Norfolk, England and Marjorie Cowie in Australia as shared with me her research in the same area. We all have a common ancestry in the Shardelows of Norton Subcourse in Norfolk, Englad.

Use has been made of widely advertised commercial services to obtain listings for most of the variants in the USA & Australia although the source data for the latter does not cover all states. A Family File has been submitted to the Genserv database that has been searched for references for the SHARDELOW spelling, but none were found. Further checks will be made for other variants of the name.

A start has been made on the current UK telephone directories but apart from SHARDLOW, very few variants have been found so far.

I had been using a 1988 printout of the Norfolk IGI. I thought I should get an update to include the wider scope of the 1992 version only to find several of those correctly listed as SHARDALOW & SHARDELOW have also been entered without the “R” and in some cases with an “I” instead of and “E”.

It was not until I recognized names and dates that were familiar to me that I realized what had happened. Most of these can be sorted out by comparison with earlier listings but any new entries will have to be checked at source to decide which spelling is correct. There are some other inconsistencies such as double entries for a child of the same couple but with different spelling and different LDS reference numbers.

All of this is making it difficult to enter in a computerized filing program without duplicating a person with slightly different data.

Observations on this and any other Sharda(e)low(e) items would be welcomed for inclusion in future Newsletters.


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