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Issue #10

Out of the Long Ago"
I must thank John for the excellent job he has done in putting this on to the WWW, it has influenced at least one person to join the group. In the appendix I commented on the possibility of finding the family chart made by Col Evans and mentioned by Maud Milgate. I put a request for information about it on the Society of Genealogists mailing list but did not get any replies, then I remembered that Maud had been in the habit of sending copies of her research to Mr George, the chemist also referred to in the book. I have corresponded with Wilfrid George for some time so I asked him if he had a copy of the Evans chart. He had, but only in the form of a photographic negative, I have had prints made of this but I am afraid it is not much help as it is taken from "The Visitations of Norfolk.1563, 1589 and 1613", edited by Walter Rye and published by the Harleian Society. The Heralds Visitations are not noted for their accuracy particularly in the later years and as no dates are given it is impossible to link this to the earliest authenticated dates I have for the name.

The only connection I have been able to make is the marriage of Thomas Shardelow to Francisca Covill at Westhall, Suffolk in March 1587, she was his first wife and there does not seem to have been any issue from that marriage. Thomas married again but I do not have any date for that. Col. Evans pedigree shows 6 children from the second marriage but nothing beyond that.

I am having trouble with my scanner at present but I hope to reproduce this pedigree in a future "Shards".

South Africa
I am gradually collecting information on the family of Ron Shardelow the Attaché in Washington but I have not managed to connect it with any of the UK families.

It seems to start with the arrival in SA of Thomas Samuel Shardalow said to have been born in the `North of England', I do not have a date for this but his stated age when he died would put it about 1844. `The North of England' could mean anywhere north of London (to some people in the south anything beyond Watford is "Indian Country"), There was a Shardelow family in Newcastle, Northumberland in the 1840s but no registration of the birth of a Thomas Samuel. It is said that as many as 15% of births were not registered in the first years of Civil Registration so he may be one of them. TS had a son, Edward John, who died aged 25 "as body guard of Commander-in-Chief". He was said to have been born in "Northfolk, England" and his age would indicate 1876 as his DoB. No record of this has been found but I am awaiting more information from SA.

New Contacts
Contact has at last been made with one of the people I wrote to in 1997.

Paul Shardelow of Haverhill, Suffolk, seeing the name in a computer magazine reminded me and I wrote drawing his attention to John's web page and after visiting it Paul rang me expressing interest in what we are doing. I am waiting for details of his family who are possibly connected with Glyns in Barry and the one in SA.

Paul has a tale of a relation having been hung in SA., one of Ron's family was a medal winning cyclist at the `52 & `56 Olympic Games and with the body guard to the Commander-in-Chief this seems to be a colourful branch of the clan. Has anyone else got tales of famous/notorious relations?

Frederick Rushmer was the son of Annie Rushmer nee SHARDELOW, he was a Spitfire pilot in the Battle of Britain and was thought to have been killed when his plane crashed in the sea. Recently another crash has been identified as the plane he was flying and on 6 September 1998 the grave at Sittingbourne, Kent of a hitherto unidentified pilot was rededicated in his name.

Registration of Births, Deaths & Marriages
I have made a start on extracting these for a database but it is slow going, many FH Societies and some Record Offices have copies on microfiche, if anyone has access to these I would be grateful for some help. If you would let me know what you can undertake I will co-ordinate this so there is no duplication.

So far I have extracted all the Births for the various spelling of Shard*low* and Shardlow from the start of registration up to the Dec. qtr of 1852 and from March 1875 to June 1878.

To give you some idea of what is involved this only totals about 200 entries, its selecting the microfiche and then finding the name that takes up the time to say nothing of deciphering some of the entries.

You may be interested in the tablet in the Methodist Chapel in Norton Subcourse, Norfolk where so many Shard*low* lived.


I believe him to be the son of John S. and his second wife Ann Rackham, John was an older brother of Francis S., an ancestor of Marj. Cowie. This family are on the third line of the pedigree included in Shards #7.

He married an Elizabeth Shardelow [? Cousin] on 4 May 1817 thought to be the daughter of Edward S. another brother of John and Francis.

The 1851 Census has an entry for a Samuel and Elizabeth SHARDALOW living at Low Road, Norton, Norfolk with ages consistent with the dates given above, Samuel's occupation was given as `Kiddier'. There is an entry in the Norton C of E Burial Register [the Chapel does not have a burial ground] for Samuel's burial on 1 Nov. spelled with an "A" as are several other entries around the same time so I think this must be the parson's version of the name.


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