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Issue #12

Yours, truly, enjoying a few moments of relaxation  surrounded by his Fig trees. (This must surely be a true Englishman's garden! -- John's comments)I apologize for inflicting this on you but, as we are not able to meet in person, I thought it would be nice if we had some idea of what we all looked like. (What I really wanted was an excuse to try out my digital camera.)

Having broken the ice I am looking for volunteers to send me their pictures. If you don’t have a digital camera or a scanner I can scan ordinary photos – so how about it?

News or rather the lack of it
I’m afraid the period since the last newsletter has not been a very productive one – mainly due to the demands of the garden, but also due to the arrival of the LDS (Mormon) CDs of the 1881 Census. On 25 disks this is a wonderful research tool although rather laborious to use. The first 8 list all the people counted in England, Scotland & Wales, (not Ireland) the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands and the Royal Navy – but only gives limited information. The remainder are divided into regions and give more detail as well as the ability to select all the persons in one household.

The result is that having located a particular person in the index you then have to change the CD for a regional one to get full details and the rest of the family.

It has located one new family group that will be of interest to John and Cliff because it is one using the ‘A’ spelling. Actually it is not entirely new, I did refer to it in an earlier ‘Shards’ but then failed to follow it up. In the 1851 Census there were four Shardalow’s living with a William Dow – they were a widow and three children whose relationship to the head of the house was given as daughter and grandchildren. So obviously a male Shardalow had married Elizabeth Dow. Now the problem will be to identify who he was and how he fits in to the other families we know about.


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