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Issue #15

The wills from the Norfolk RO which I mentioned in the last newsletter have been translated and have proved very interesting, four of them relate to four generations of the same family and provide a picture of them from 1574 to 1625 and beyond.

If you have the charts which were attached to "Shards 11" the wills in question are those of Steven Shardelow [ spelled this way in the will] who died in 1574, his sons Bonaventure and Anthony. Strangely Bonaventure does not mention any children, although he is thought to have had ten, but left everything to his wife. Anthony only refers to his Daughter in Law and grand children Anthony & Grace but this is because his son Edmund had already died, no mention is made of his other son, another Anthony, who practised Law in London but he may also have died before his father.

I have been working on the will of Thomas Shardelow of Kessingland which I got from the Suffolk RO.and reported in the last newsletter. It fits in with the charts referred to above and I have been able to add two more children to Thomas Shardelow and his second wife Margaret Throckmorton.(Continuation B on the chart) these being John [whose will I also have] and Leonard.

This establishes links with several other families hitherto not known to be connected, for example Stephen who died in 1574 ( mentioned above and already on the chart) and Leonard were half brothers, both sons of Thomas but by different mothers.

Leonard was the father of the Thomas Shardelow at Kessingland, he married Kimborowgh Edgar and had 6 children before he died in 1612. There is considerable evidence that it was his youngest son, John, who obtained a scholarship to Sidney College, Cambridge at the age of 13 and matriculated three years later, was ordained Deacon at Norwich and Vicar of Ilketshall St, Andrews, Suffolk in 1632. He was also Rector of Beccles, Suffolk although the date of this appointment is not known.

Unfortunately the registers of Ilketshall St. Andrews for this period have been badly damaged and, in spite of conservation work done on them, large parts are illegible. One entry which can be read refers to " John Shardelowe the son of John Shardelowe and Maria his wife was baptised the 18 May 1638". This is signed John Shardelow, vicar.

I do not know if there is any significance in the different spelling or if they are in the same hand, only three other signatures can be read all of which are without the final "E".

I had hoped that these registers would have given me details of John's marriage or, at least his wife's maiden name, I am still of the opinion, although the dates do not agree, that the Rev. Shardelow referred in "Out of the Long Ago" was the one at Ilketshall and Beccles.

I will incorporate this additional information in a new chart as soon as I have worked out with John (Canada) the best format for him to put these on to his web pages. I know these have caused him problems in the past and I am grateful for what he does.

Death notice
The following appeared in The Leicester Mercury 4 Oct 1999.

Shardlow Leonora Alice (Nora) passed away peacefully at LRI on 30 Set 1999 -- Aged 90 years.

Once again there is very little Shardlow content, I replied to the gentleman in South Africa who contacted me but have not heard any more .

The Name again
The local BBC, TV station have been doing a series of 5 min. stories on genealogy, as you might guess from the time given to it they have only dealt with it in a very general way but on one program one of the reporters, whose name happens to be Mark Shardlow, was conjecturing about the origin of his surname including the old chestnut about it being given to a foundling in the village of that name. As this was broadcast from outside the splendid Heritage Centre in the village he would only have had to walk inside to find that it started as Shardelow but that's TV for you!

In future I shall try to send these newsletters quarterly, if possible early in January, April, July and October so if you have anything you would like included please E-mail me before the end of the previous month.


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