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Issue #2

Since the first newsletter, quite a bit of progress has been made in collecting data, but the problem of how to store this in an easily accessible form remains. A filing program (MasterFile) has been purchased and the author has provided me with a version to my specifications, but I have yet to master the art of entering data.

All entries for the main variants of Shardalow have been downloaded from the CD-ROM of the UK telephone directories as well as checking other less likely variants most of which did not yield any names. Analysing the main spellings gave some interesting results: there were 207 entries for SHARDLOW of which 13 were business numbers, some of which, but not all, may also appear as private numbers. There were 7 Shardelow and only one Shardalow entries. These eight addresses have all been written to although there were two groups of three each who are probably related. I have asked if they would be prepared to tell me what they know of earlier generations and particularly where they lived on the understanding that this would remain confidential>

The only other variants found were Shadlow (4) and Shedlow (6).

Of the Shardlow entries, 105 were grouped in five midland counties: Derbyshire 46, Nottinghamshire 27, Staffordshire 13, Leicestershire 11 and Warwickshire 8; allowing for this is 52% of the total. The only other significant concentration was in Lancashire where there were 13 – the remainder were scattered all of the country – England. The most interesting fact from my point of view was that there was only one Shardlow in Norfolk while there were no Shardalow’s or any of the other variants in the five midland counties which surely supports my theory that Shardlow is of a separate origin.

Marj Cowies’s daughter Heather has very kindly made a search of the Australian directories with similar results. Pat McCarthy, (not connected to the Shardelow clan) has sent me the Shardlow entries from the Wellington, new Zealand phone book as well as extracts from the Electoral Rolls and other useful information.

Two web sites for Canadian records were mentioned in the June “Family Tree Magazine”; the 1871 census of the Department of Veterans Affairs. I visited the first and obtained two names with no difficulty but after three attempts and checking that I had entered the address correctly, I still could not get the Veterans. Has anyone else tried this site? Perhaps “Family Tree” got it wrong.

Most of you know of my search for a rather nebulous character, the Rev. Shardelow, I still keep running into dead ends at every avenue I explore. I am beginning to wonder if he ever existed or if he was some sort of posthumous joke on the part of the person who started it all! If it was he must be having a good laugh at my expense.


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