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Issue #3

There have been new contacts since the last letter – two people who replied enthusiastically to the intial mail shot and were asked for further information have so far not responded.

The Guild of One-Name Studies (GOONS) are conducting a survey of surnames based on the 1881 Census. Members have been asked to extract all entries on a county basis for the surname they are studying. The coordinator has devised a program to process this information and produce statistics of the frequency and density of that name compared with both the county and national population. I have completed the extraction for England, Wales and The Channel Islands for SHARDLOW and SHARDA(E)LOW separately. The former only occurs in nine counties all in England and the latter in only five, again all in England. The total numbers were surprisingly small for both names. The only significant numbers were 20 Sharda(e)lows in Norfolk, 153 Shardlow’s in Derbyshire and 90 Shardlow’s in Nottinghamshire. Scotland has yet to be surveyed but I do not expect to find many – if any there.

An organization trading as FONS has been offering a Surname Extraction service from records not easily available. I have subscribed to this and received nine references to Shardelow between 1250 and 1384. Some of these are not specific as to location but one or two place the name in the Derby area which is contrary to the evidence of the IGI and the census.

When and why the different spelling arose may not become clear and did the village of Shardlow get its name from the family or the other way round.


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