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Issue #4

The last letter, sent by E-mail, seems to have been received satisfactorily by those with Internet connection so I shal use that method in future. A hard copy will of course be sent to those not online

I have also been experimenting with incorporating pictures into this letter to make it a little more interesting but this has not been a success. A simple picture of a broken vase with three quarters of a page of text took 18 minutes to send and could not be read by the recipient so I shall not be sending graphics at present. When I get them I had hoped to be able to send you the maps showing the distribution of Sharda/elows in the 1881 census but this will have to be by snail mail.

1881 Census
The Scottish counties have all been checked and, as anticipated, did not add any to the totals which have now been sent to the co-ordinator and I am waiting for the percentage comparisons. Separating the Shardlows from the other variations has meant the Sharda/elow total is so small it will probably be a fraction of 1% in the individual counties but it would have been misleading to combine the two names.

Shardalow Wills
5 wills have been obtained from the Probate Office, Edward, died 1863,Thorpe by Haddiscoe, George, died 1866, Raveningham, William, died 1875, New Catton, Mary Ann, died 1881, Norton Subcourse and Thomas Blunderfield Shardalow, died 1885, Norton Subcourse. These tend to add to the confusion regarding the spelling variations, some time ago a member of the Norfolk FHS listed these for Marj. Cowie and spelled them ShardElow but in all the wills it is ShardAlow. When I extracted the Sharda/elow entries from the microfilm of the Norton PRs they only went up to 1867 so I can not say how they were spelled there but I feel sure the wills must be in the form used by the testators. The difference must be an error in transcription but it does show how easily errors can get into our records and the importance of checking at source when possible.

In future, when writing about the name in general terms, I shall use Shardalow unless some other form has been shown to have been used in the original.

These wills don’t reveal any new relationships but are useful in confirming some of the more distant ones such as nephews and son-in-laws.

New Contact
Sandy Nixon has written to all the Shardelow’s listed by AOL and has made contact with a South African living in the USA He has provided details of his family and I look forward to seeing where this fits in to the known families or if it is a new branch.

Genealogical Research Directory
An entry has been put in the One-Name Section of the GRD due to be published in April 98.


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