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Issue #5

I am sad to report the death of Gordon Keys in December 1997. It was his enthusiasm and encouragement which prompted me to start this study and the reasearch he had carried out was the basis on which it has been built. Our sympathy goes out to all his family.

New Names
Sandy's efforts, mentioned in Shards 4, has added a new name to the mailing list and we welcome Ron. Shardelow from South Africa but at present living in the USA. Cliff Shardalow sent the last newsletter to his cousin John in Canada who is most enthusiastic, they are descended from Drake Shardalow born Norton, Norfolk 1797

Unfortunately a lady who had advertised for information on Shardelow,s in Norton has failed to respond to offers of help from Marj. and myself.

Place Names
Ron. sent some interesting information on a property in Buckinghamshire by the name of SHARDELOES which derives from one Adam de Schardeslowe who owned it in the early part of the 14th century. I have a reference to Idonea de Schardelowe and her son Robert dated c 1250 so the name was in use at least 50 years before that. I have come across a Shardelows Farm near Newmarket, Suffolk and a Shardalows Farm at Old Buckenham, Norfolk. The latter is particularly interesting because one family I have been tracing lived in that area so although the surname has died out there it lives on as a farm.

British Library
There is a "Shardelowe Pedigree" in the library but I am havig some difficulty in getting a copy of it, it is undated but I am hoping it will provide a link between one I have constructed from some records Gordon obtained fron Salt Lake City and the more recent data we have collected between us.

The Salt Lake City stuff expands the charts Gordon made from 'Heralds Visitations' published by the Harleian Society and gives a comprehensive picture of the East Anglian family from 1341-1655.


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