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Issue #6

It is some time since the last issue due to domestic commitments taking up a lot of my time but things have not stood still entirely. A copy of the will of Thomas Shardelowe of Thelveton dated 1751 was obtained because it was hoped this might provide a link between the pedigrees compiled by Gordon Keys and those of more recent times. Unfortunately it is extremely short and only mentions his son, also Thomas, although one of the witnesses is a Mary Shardelowe, housekeeper. presumably she was Thomas Senior's daughter or possibly his sister.

Early Shardelowe references have been found in the "Feet of Fines" for Suffolk (Ref. SF/G 1) in the library of the Society of Genealogists. These are mainly records of litigation involving the right to appoint a priest to a particular living and include Edmund de Shardelowe in 1287, John de Shardelowe and his wife Agnes in 1311, Margaret, wife of Edmund De Shardelowe in 1327, John and Agnes in 1339 and again the following year but this time he was styled Knight. Whether he was honoured in that year or it had simply been omitted in previous records will have to be checked. This ties in with a reference in the Public Record Office (E159/103 m16) which refers to John de Shardelowe his wife Agnes and their son John.

A book with the lengthy title of "Some materials for a history of the Parish of Thompson." has several references to the Shardelowe family and includes a pedigree starting with Robert de Shardelowe "probably of Shardlow, co Derby". The earliest date for him is 1228 when he was appointed Justice of Assize so he was probably born late in the 12th century.

Unfortunately the first two generations do not give the names of the wives although Robert had at least two sons both of whom had issue. I am attaching a simplified copy of this pedigree much of which is in Latin, I have anglicized the names and omitted de Shardelowe after the first two generations.

I also have an undated reference to Idonea de Shardelowe and her son Robert, it is thought that this could refer to the wife and son of Godfrey in the attached pedigree.

In future newsletters I would like to include details of some of the more recent generations of Shard*low* but, as we share a lot of common ancestry, I would like to know if anyone would object to this on the understanding I would not include details later than 1899. Of course if anyone would like to submit details of their own family this would be better still. I receive newsletters from other One-name study groups and these often include details of the research members are carrying out and sources they have found useful. I would appreciate any suggestions for items you would like to see covered in the future.

Instead of attaching the Shardelowe pedigree as a separate file it has been included in this message to simplify printing copies for members not on E-mail.


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