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Issue #7

As quite a lot of information has been obtained recently I am making up for the delay with Shards 6 by sending this so soon after the last.

I have purchased the 1851 Norfolk Census on CD, this has been indexed by the Mormon Family History Centre as a pilot to doing all the UK counties and is an extremely useful aid to a One-name Study. The CD actually covers two other countiesas well, Devon and Warwickshire, so any search automatically covers them at the same time. No Shard*low* s appear outside Norfolk but there were a few SHARDLOWs in Warwickshire.

In 1851 there were a total 37 SHARDALOWs and 10 SHARDELOWS made up of 10 Shardalow families, 1 Shardelow, 1 mainly Shardalow but living with an inlaw by the name of DOW and 4 living as servants with other families. The actual spelling would probably depend on the enumerator rather than the form usually used by the families. They were all one census district but the sole Shardelow family, although living near Norwich at the time of the census, originated from one at Norton who always used the "E" form.

Another significant stastic in the light of the fact that the name was to die out in Norfolk was that only 38.1% of the total were male and of these one was an 80 year old widower and three had wives over 50 so the likelyhood of further children was not great. Thirty years later, in the 1881 census, there were only eight males three of whom were over 70 years old!

Marj Cowie In response to my request for permission to print details of families Marj. Cowie has agreed to my publishing some of her research which I am adding it to this message. As the early generations are common to most of our families I would suggest that you print a copy for future reference, this will save my having to repeat much of it for other families. I have omitted much of the details not in the direct line but I feel sure Marj. would provide additional information if anyone contacts her at the E-mail address on this message.

Another purchase, called "The Biography Database", contains a mass of information from a variety of sources but, unfortunately , only one entry for Shardelow. This is for a Henry Shardelow, Gentleman, living in Norwich in 1706, I already had his name from another source but have not fitted him into a particular family. When time permits I shall seach this database for references to names associated with Shard*low* such as wife's maiden names.

I am afraid this Newsletter is becoming something of a 'One man band', I am still hoping for contributions from YOU. If you are not carrying out research at present I would still welcome stories about your families, the reasons for emigrating, the work they did, etc.

Thats all for this time.

Marjorie Cowies pedigree (Link)
Susan Shardalow arrived in Australia with daughters Sarah and Kezia on the "Eliza" in December 1852. Nothing is known of her whereabouts before Sarah's marriage in 1861 to Charles Marquand at Blackwood,Victoria, a gold mining area. Sarah's address was given as Blackwood as was Charles. We find Susan again in 1866 dying at Kyneton Hospital, all particulars are unknown.

A story came through the family that Kohn Fairweather Shardalow paid for them to come out to Australia but until recently I could find no record of this. It wasn’t until a new Consolidated Index came out for Victoria that I looked up the name Shardalow and found to my amazement an entry for John Fairweather dying at Blackwood in 1869 at the age of 67 years. Further research found that he was married on 9/3/1830 at Barnwell in Cambridge.

I thought there must be some reason why John came to Australia and on searching the GRO at trhe GSV in Melbourne I found that his wife died on 27/12/1845 at Woodbine Cottage, East Head, Cambridge aged 57 years. It gave information that the occupation of John was a Brewer. So the family story regarding John paying the fare for Susan and the girls to come out here was probably correct. He arrived here on the "Spartan" in 1849 -three years before Susan.


Marj Cowie

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